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On Shiny Toys

If you want to streamline a process, start by changing behaviours. Once you’ve done that, then bring in the shiny kit. Shiny kit will not stop people being stupid, it will just equip them to do stupid things, only much faster.

Courtesy of an interesting book I flicked through…  Available on Amazon.

The Devil's Advocate Book Cover The Devil's Advocate
Caspian Woods
Business & Economics
Pearson UK
March 6, 2013

Welcome to the future of business thinking. It dares to confront everything you thought was true. It’ll challenge the so-called rules, dispute the perceived wisdom and turn that traditional, tired business advice completely on its head. Meet The Devil’s Advocate. And whether you’re new to business, an experienced senior executive or a budding entrepreneur, this fast and focused, clever little book, packed with empowering business advice and sharp insights, will help you carve a smart-thinking strategy for business success.

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